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Monday, 7 June 2010

Marty Friedman (Cacophony/Megadeth)

Name: Marty Adam Friedman
Born: 8th December, 1962 (Laurel, Washington DC, USA)

Profile: He is an American virtuoso guitarist, most widely recognized and best known for his as lead/rhythm guitarist for thrash metal band "Megadeth", which lasted close to 10 years. He has resided in Japan since 2003, and has hosted his own television programs, 'Rock Fujiyama' and 'Jukebox English' on Japanese television.

History: Friedman is a largely self-taught guitarist known for his improvisation and for fusing an Eastern musical feel with Western musical styles, such as neo-classical, thrash metal and later into progressive rock. When playing, Friedman often uses arpeggiated chords and various customized scales. He also occasionally uses sweep picking.

He has a very unorthodox right hand picking technique. The angle in which his hand is clenched goes against the conventional palm mute. He also frequently uses the upstroke as opposed to the downstroke, especially on the high strings (string E and B). These qualities make Friedman's solos unique and hard to duplicate using an alternate picking approach.

In 1981, Friedman formed "Vixen" (not the all-female band) then change the band's name to "Hawaii" a year later, the band was one of the two notable bands from Hawaii. The band did a major concert at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, supporting "Deep Purple", and it was Friedman first major concert.

In 1988, after "Hawaii" split up, he released his first solo album called "Dragon's Kiss", after the album he joined forces with Jason Becker to form the unrivaled dual guitar unit, "Cacophony", and have a strong influence on today's top guitarist. "Cacophony" featured neo-classical metal elements and synchronized twin guitar harmonies and counterpoints shared.

When "Cacophony" broke up in 1989, Friedman auditioned for the thrash metal band "Megadeth" after a tip from fellow guitarist Jeff Loomis. Friedman eventually auditioned for the spot, but was initially rejected by Dave Mustaine. However, after undergoing what Mustaine called 'Rock Star 101', Friedman officially joined "Megadeth" in 1990.

The first album he recorded with "Megadeth" was 'Rust in Peace', now considered a classic thrash metal album and sold platinum in the US. He further developed his style of playing exotic scale solos from the "Cacophony" era, and integrated it into the music of "Megadeth". After a total of 5 studio albums, and in 1999, Friedman announced his departure from "Megadeth".

Prior to joining "Megadeth", he formed and played lead guitar in several other bands, including "Deuce" and "Red Dye #2". In 2008, he released 'Future addict', an album consists of reconstructed, reworked and some completely remade songs spanning his carer all the way to his more recent recordings.

Now residing in Tokyo, Friedman has become a television celebrity appearing as a regular on 5 major networks, he can be seen on mainstream hit TV programs almost every day in Japan, and joined the band of Japanese mega-star Aikawa Nanase.

Influences: Elvis Presley, The Ramones, Black Sabbath, Kiss and Queen

Axology: Jackson KE-1 Marty Friedman model guitar, Hurricane guitars, Carvin guitars - V220M model, Gibson Explorer Z style shape, Fender guitars, Ibanez guitars and PRS guitars.

Signature song(s): Jewel - Marty Friedman featuring Jason Becker (Dragon's Kiss, 1988) and Viper - Marty Friedman featuring Steve Vai (Loudspeaker, 2006)

Link(s): (Official website)

"There is a big different between good in making music and good in playing the guitar" - Marty Friedman

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