Hello all, we are now in March, 2012... 'RizMum' blog sure is getting slower now, but as promised I will try my best to keep on going... and its been awhile now since my last post (T_T) and to update this took me almost a year, anyhow, this will be my final year so you guys know how it is when the big "E" comes. So guys, see you in my next post and keep on SHREDDING!!!! And as always please feel free to drop a suggestion/ideas via e-mail, Thanks


Hello readers,

As demanded from local readers, 'RizMum' will be advertising second-hand musical instruments.  So if you guys are interested in selling your instruments and wanted to post it in this page, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at ''.
(Terms & Conditions apply)

1. RizMum would only deduct 10% from the price of every merchandise, after it been bought.

2. Merchandise would only available in Brunei and Singapore dollars only (B$/S$), and at the moment the merchandise are suitable in Brunei only.

3. Cash and Carry (first come, first serve).

4. A deposit of 30% will be needed when the merchandise is in reserve. If the merchandise is not collected after 3 months, cash will not be return.

5. For anyone who wanted to post their ads here; please give me the details/history and latest pictures of merchandise.

A friend of mine want to sell his guitar, its an Ibanez Gio, bought in Plaza Seria, KB, July, 2011.  It is in mint condition and he is selling this package with his amp, strap, and stand, for B$450.  Below are the specs;

Model: Ibanez Gio
Pickups: H/S/S (Humbucker, Single-coil, Single-coil)
Frets: 22 Rosewood frets
Knobs: 1 volume and 1 tone

Model: MG15CDR Marshall amplifier (made in India)
Knobs: 7 knobs (Volume, EQ, Bass, Overdrive, Gain, Contour and Treble).