Hello all, we are now in March, 2012... 'RizMum' blog sure is getting slower now, but as promised I will try my best to keep on going... and its been awhile now since my last post (T_T) and to update this took me almost a year, anyhow, this will be my final year so you guys know how it is when the big "E" comes. So guys, see you in my next post and keep on SHREDDING!!!! And as always please feel free to drop a suggestion/ideas via e-mail, Thanks

My Axe

Hello guys, here is the list of my axe

1. (Red colour) A Korean made Prince guitar - my first electric guitar. Equip with 3 single-coil DiMarzio pickups (2 YJM/HS4 on bridge and neck and Virtual Vintage at the middle position).
*It was given to me by my dad, he bought it in Bali, Indonesia in 2000, it has "sentimental value" for me that is why I still keep it though. I did a professional modifications on pickups, body, bridge, pickguards, strap locks and duel knob toner as Eric Clapton's Fender signature series*

2. (Natural colour at the back) An American Fender Mustang - like the one used by Kurt Cobain (a gift from my guitar guru back in 2003, he also gave me a Gibson Explorer dated somewhere around the 80's, but I gave it to my bass player Ray as a birthday present).

3. (White colour at the back) A classic British Watkins guitar - Rapier 33. It was my dad's first electric guitar, where he bought it in Singapore back in 1963. (Unfortunately, it really need a major repair).

4. (Black colour) A Japanese Yamada early edition, it dated back early in the 90's. I just bought it recently (1st June, 2010) from my cousin. Its a maple fretboard, with alder body and equip with Seymour Duncan pickups (SJBJ-1, SSL-3 and STK-S9b) with green tortoise 3 ply pickguard.

5. Fender 1975 vintage American Stratocaster (owned by my Dad), notice "Perdana" on the guitar hardcase.

6. Fender Prince 112 160w amplifier (at the back of the guitar's hardcase)

7. Greg Bennett aka Samick semi-classical nylon strings acoustic guitar, bought it in January, 2010.

8. Boss Guitar/Bass Auto tuner CT-6 (also in the picture - down right)

9. An Italian Eko 70's semi-acoustic guitar.

10. I prefer to use Jim Dunlop nylon picks as thick as I can get, around 1.7 to 2.3 (seldom have those for nylon though)

11. I used D'Addario strings for all acoustic even with my semi-classical acoustic (nylon)- recommended.

12. I used Fender Stainless Bullets for all my electric guitars (just to have the full sustain and grip of the strings with the full tone of it too)- recommended.

13. ZOOM 606 multi-effects