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Friday, 19 February 2010

Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom)

Name: Markku Uula Aleksi Laiho aka Wildchild.
Born: 8th April, 1979 (Espoo, Finland)

Profile: He is a Finnish singer, composer and guitarist, best known for being the lead guitarist as well as lead vocalist for heavy metal band "Children of Bodom", and he is also the guitarist for "Sinergy" and "Kylähullut". Also a man with various tuning such as D Standard (D G C F A D), Dropped C (C G C F A D) and C# Standard (C# F# B E G# C#).

History: Alexi began his musical training at an early age by learning the violin. However, influenced by the music his sister listened to (heavy metal music bands such as W.A.S.P., Poison and Stone), he ended up dropping the classical instrument at the age of 11, in favour of guitars. A taped live performance of Steve Vai's song "For the Love of God" (from the Passion and Warfare album) was especially influential in Alexi's decision to become a guitarist. He then began taking lessons at the Finnish Pop & Jazz Conservatorio in order to study the instrument. His first guitar was a Tokai Stratocaster.

At the conservatory he also studied the piano. The development of his playing style was heavily influenced by "Stone's" Roope Latvala (who many years later became his bandmate in "Sinergy" and then in "Children of Bodom"). His vocal influences came mostly from Phil Anselmo (Pantera) and Mille Petrozza (Kreator). He genre is more to Melodic death metal, power metal, neo-classical metal, black metal and industrial metal.

Influences: Steve Vai and Roope Latvala.

Axology: ESP guitars, Jackson guitars and Marshall JCM 800 amps.


"Guitar World magazine has ranked him as one of the 50 fastest guitarists in the world."

In an interview with Kirk Hammett (Metallica) "Who do you think is the best guitarist ever?" he responded: "That would be me! Nah, just kidding. I would say it's the one and only Joe Satriani or that kid Alexi! What a power he has!"

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