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Friday, 19 February 2010

Chachamaru (GacktJOB)

Name: 藤村幸宏 (Yukihiro Fujimura)
Born: 3rd March, 1960 (Kansai, Japan)

Profile: Known as The Legendary Guitarist of Kansai, he is also the top five guitarist known in Japan. Aside from being a highly talented guitarist, he is multi-talented.

History: Chachamaru is an extremely gifted musician. He started playing guitar at 12 and began playing guitar for major rock bands at the age of 13. Gackt job is the 5th band he has done major work with. There was a rumor that once, Chachamaru had a work as a teacher at a Buddhist College. None the less, music has been his truest passion.

Chachamaru started with bands like Ded Chaplin where he did the guitar parts and he helped several artists in studio, for example Toshi, who he helped writing 'Blue Blood' for X Japan. Thanks to the producer of Crim (king) records Cha was fronting a popular progressive band Gerard. The songs they wrote where stories about knights and maidens in distress. In the mid eighties he and Shusei Tsukamoto formed Vienna with Cha on vocals. In this bands stories where also about fairies and myths from Egypt. In the nineties the members reunited to produce one more album.

Cha worked more at the sidelines and in the studios. He produced for ex-member of Ded Chaplin and Loudness, Masafumi Nishida's "Girl U Need" and he played and produced on Toshi's solo album when he went on a solo tour.

It was now when he was introduced to Nippon Crown's new talend: Gackt. He joined Gackt's band, called gacktJOB around the year 2002. Chachamaru still works with Gackt as backing vocals, lead guitar, band master and technical producer.

He had released a solo album entitled AIR on the 12th of December, 2002.

Influences: Unknown

Axology: Caparison Guitar (the Horus guitar).


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