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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Kid (Search)

Name: Hamzah(Charlie) Mohammad Taib
Born: 30th November, 1967 (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Profile: Former lead guitarist from "Search" and the younger brother of "Din Search", he is a musician and composer.

History: As a child Kid who used to be called Charlie at home by his Dad, started to play guitar the same time his brother Din played some licks, growing up in a music environment where Din played guitar in the band called "Search" while his other brother Musa play bass with "Kris", he started in a band called "Under Doom" then "Gersang" with his mentor Samad Lefthanded. After "Gersang" he left to join his brother Din in "Search" as a lead guitarist replacing Hillary Ang in 1986 until the mid of 2000. Then played with "Dragon Malaya" and the latest were with "Lives" with his brother Din.

Influences: Eddie Van Halen and Samad Lefthanded

Axology: Peavey Wolfgang guitars, ADA MP1 Peramp, Digitech Speaker Simulator, Marshall.

(This are links in YouTube for "Search" greatest hits called Kejora, the intro was done by Din Search and the solo by his brother Kid)


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