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Friday, 19 February 2010

Takayoshi Ohmura

Name: 大村孝佳 (Ōmura Takayoshi)
Born: 26th December, 1983 (Osaka, Japan)
Profile: He is a Japanese musician popular as a rock guitarist.

History: He started learning piano at the age of 3. By the age of 11 he had started to play acoustic guitar moving to electric guitar at the age of 14. By the age of 17 he was heavily into hard rock/heavy rock of the western-style music and devoted himself into it. He decided to attend Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in 2002 in the MI Japan Osaka school. He learned a lot through his 2 years. He also met and played with Vitalij Kuprij. He also recorded the CD "Nowhere To Go" with Richie Kotzen, Mark Boals and Doogie White. After finished studied he formed a band "Cross Hard" in 2005. In 2006, along with Cross Hard's bassist, Kaoru, he formed another band named "Gloria" and released its first mini-album on 26th March, 2008.

Influences: Yngwie Malmsteen.

Axology: ESP Ohmura's signature series and Marshall amps.


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