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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Antoine Dufour

Name: Antoine Dufour
Born: 1979 (L'Épiphanie, Quebec, Canada)

Profile: He is a French-Canadian acoustic guitarist and guitar instructor. His pieces are characterized by a highly percussive playing style, using slap and natural harmonics frequently. He shares many compositional traits with other fingerstyle guitarists such as Andy McKee, Craig D'Andrea and Don Ross, especially in terms of his music's technical complexity.

History: He started playing guitar at the age of 15. He went on to study at the CEGEP in Joliette, where his teacher make him listened to the music of Leo Kottke, Don Ross and Michael Hedges. His musical style is a mix of the powerful rhythms of rock, the sensibility of classical music, a funky groove and a pure folk melody.

In early 2000's, he has gone on to 2nd place at the 2005 Canadian Guitar Festival's Fingerstyle Guitar Championship, 1st place the next year and 3rd placed at the 2006 International Finger Style Guitar Championship in Winfield, Kansas. Antoine has released three solo albums and the forth album with Tommy Gauthier.

Influences: Andrew York, Steve Howe (Yes), Stephen Bennett, Andy Mckee, Steve Vai, John Patrucci (Dream Theater), Augustin Barrios Mangore and Tarrega.

Axology: Stonebridge guitars and Stonebridge 23CR (his own signature series)


"The acoustic guitar is an instrument which has a very rich sound, and offers infinite possibilities to the player" - Antoine Dufour

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