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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Charlie Christian

Name: Charles Henry Christian
Born/Died: 29th July, 1916 (Dallas, Texas) – 2nd March, 1942

Profile: He was an American swing and jazz guitarist. Although there were guitarists who had played amplified guitars before him, but it was him who established the electric guitar as a serious proposition. He developed the style of single-note, melodic-electric guitar playing that placed the instrument on a par with the saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and other solo voices in jazz.

History: His interest in music began by playing the trumpet at the age of 12, but he also learned to play acoustic guitar, double bass and piano, though not necessarily in that order. It was as a double-bass player that Charlie got his first professional gig with Alphonso Trent's band in 1934.

In 1937, he played in several other bands before coming into contact with Eddie Durham (who was an arranger, trombonist and pioneering electric guitarist). Charlie had been impressed with Durham's electric guitar work who had been playing an amplified Hawaiian guitar. Charlie quizzed Durham on his playing technique. At the time Charlie did not own a guitar and when Durham told him to get one of his own he turned up with an extremely rough instrument for which he had paid only $5. Durham was amused by the instrument but impressed with Charlie's desire to learn and his instant ability to assimilate all he was shown.

By the time Charlie was discovered by John Hammond (Jazz entrepreneur), he had become something of a local hero in Oklahoma, Hammond thought that Charlie would be a perfect addition to Benny Goodman's jazz group and flew him to California for an audition.

Charlie stayed with Goodman less then 2 years later, however, after playing with Goodman in the evening, he would frequently head for Minton's Playhouse (a jazz club in Harlem). There he would play for hours with such infuential jazz musicians as Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonius Monk and Charlie "Bird" Parker, they are considered to be among the founders of "bebop" jazz.

Influences: Unknown

Axology: Electric Spanish Gibson ES-250 and Gibson EH-150 amplifiers


"Charlie Christian sounds old and brand new at the same time. His solo on 'I Found a New Baby' is simple and complicated. It's as hip as any bop I've ever heard." - Jim Hall

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