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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Herman Li (DragonForce)

Name: 李康敏 (Lǐ Kāng Mǐn)
Born: 3rd October, 1976 (Hong Kong)

Profile: He is the lead guitarist, backing vocalist, musician, songwriter and producer in the power metal band "DragonForce". He speaks Cantonese, English and French fluently. Herman draws influences from rock, metal as well as video game music and mimics sounds from popular retro games from the late 80's, early-90's arcade and PC games. His playing style consists of fast descending and ascending licks, extreme use of the whammy bar, quick sweep picking and tapping on the higher frets.

It is a little known fact that Herman is left-handed but learned to play right-handed. Recently, he has begun to use a device called the Hot Hand that sits on his right hand like a ring, which causes extreme vibrato when shaken, giving him greater capacity to emulate certain video game sounds.

History: Herman is a self-taught musician, learning mostly from listening to his favourite music, watching videos and playing a lots of retro video games and arcades. After having played in a number of underground rock and metal bands in London, Herman decided the only way for him to move forward, is to form a band instead of joining one. In the summer of 1999, Herman found a number of musicians in the UK to kick start a new band now known worldwide as "DragonForce".

In between intensive world tours with "DragonForce", Herman found time to write a monthly guitar column in UK's 'Total Guitar' magazine. He has also given many guitar clinics around the world, showcasing his own approach to the instrument to help inspire guitarists around the globe. As well as evolving as a player, Herman likes to understand his instrument as much as possible. He is heavily involved in electric guitar development, working on new ideas to improve the instrument as much as possible.

Outside of music, Herman's interests includes technology, martial arts and when not touring, enjoys training in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu five days a week.

Influences: Oddly Herman draws influences from video game music and mimics sounds from popular retro games from the late 80's, early-90's arcade, and PC games, example; several Pac-Man-type noises in the song 'Through the Fire and Flames' on 'Inhuman Rampage'. In 'Black Fire', the middle of the solo sounds similar to music in the beginning of the game 'Double Dragon'.

Axology: Ibanez E-GEN Guitars, a 7-strings Ibanez 540S7, Ibanez Acoustics, Rocktron, DigiTech Whammy 2, Mesa Boogie Stereo 2 and Peavey 4x12 Straight cabinets

Signature song(s): Through the Fire and Flames - DragonForce (Inhuman Rampage, 2006) and Heroes of Our Time - DragonForce (Ultra Beatdown, 2008)


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