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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Andy Wahlberg

Name: Andy Wahlberg
Born: (Witchita Falls, Texas, USA)

Profile: He is an American musician, a singer who plays harp guitar, bongo, harmonica and trombone. He is a serious musician, classically trained, with a bent on jazz, traditional and blues music.

History: He was raised in Miami, Florida where he was first exposed to classical, pop and international music. He had his first gig at age 5 (where his first instrument was the bongos) with a Calypso Latin band that performed at his mother's restaurant in Miami every weekend.

Wahlberg struck out on his own at age 14, traveling across the country while teaching himself to play guitar. He became a full time professional performer at age 19, after completing two years of study at a college of the performing arts in Miami. During that time he honed his craft playing venues all over the United States. He started playing his trademark harp guitar which he found in a pawn shop in LA in the early 70's, and began a full time career as an entertainer.

He is the longest harp guitar player than anyone alive today and has been entertaining audiences this entire time with an endless supply of repertoire, from musical comedy to his own instrumental compositions, which, like his discovery of the Dyer harp guitar, have been ahead of their time.

Since then, Wahlberg's musical career has spanned over 25 years, more than 3000 concerts and performances nationwide, 4 albums and hundreds of television and radio appearances. He has performed on stage with groups such as "Chicago", "Spyra Gyra", "Firefall", "Hall and Oates", Don McLean and the "Spinners". In his own recording studio he has created soundtracks and scores for numerous television, radio and movie projects.

His most recent works include the soundtrack for the PBS Special Florida's Historic Lighthouses and the motion pictures 'Captiva' and 'Jericho'. He now performs in concerts and clubs where he resides in Southwest Florida in the US and abroad.

Influences: Unknown

Axology: custom double-neck harp guitar

Signature song(s): Johnny Cash tribute songs and 'TV Theme Medley'


"...a breath of fresh air. Listening to him perform is a guitarist's delight." - The Ithaca Times

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