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Monday, 10 May 2010

Dean DeLeo (STP/Army of Anyone)

Name: Dean DeLeo
Born: 23rd August, 1961 (Newark, New Jersey, USA)

Profile: He is an American guitarist for the rock band "Stone Temple Pilots" (STP). He was also known for his guitar work in "Talk Show" and "Army of Anyone". DeLeo's playing has received strong critical acclaim over the years. "STP's" second album, 'Purple', was ranked at #73 on 'Guitar World's 100 Greatest Guitar Albums of All-time list.

History: He started to play guitar in his early teens. As a guitarist and younger brother Robert as bassist, the both of them wanted to form a band together. In 1987, in a "Black Flag" concert, Robert met future vocalist Scott Weiland and soon after introduced Dean to Scott, they eventually hooked up with drummer Eric Kretz, and the band was formed.

At first they took the name "Mighty Joe Young" (inspired by the movie) and played gigs in many bars around the Hollywood area, and eventually landed a record deal with Atlantic Records in 1992. However, they were forced to change the band's name, for the name "Mighty Joe Young" had already been taken. Weiland decided on the name "Stone Temple Pilots" after seeing a sticker with 'STP' initials.

The band exploded with the release of their debut album 'Core', which sold over 8 million copies. The record sales propelled with the release of the singles 'Sex Type Thing' and 'Plush', and helped establish "STP" as a one of the many popular grunge bands in the early 1990's.

In the late 90's, "STP" was in hiatus due to Weiland departure, the DeLeo brothers and Kretz eventually formed a new band, "Talk Show", which released only one album. In 2003, the DeLeo brothers began to work with vocalist Richard Patrick (Filter) with drummer Ray Luzier and formed "Army of Anyone". The band's debut album was released on 14th November, 2006.

In 2008, "STP" reunited and are planning on releasing their sixth album on 25th May, 2010. DeLeo has also worked with various solo artist and bands such as; Alanis Morissette, Chris Robinson (The Black Crowe), "Chicago", "Alien Ant Farm", "10 Years" and affiliated with "Laughter Train", a Seattle band.

Dean DeLeo's crunchy guitar tone was a main trademark of "STP", and has a distinct tone. Not overbearing on distortion, his sound possesses a unique 'crunch', and is often seen as spacey. He pays homage to many genres and tones, most noticeably hard rock with elements of 'psychedelia, jangle pop, and other forms of melodic alternative guitar'.

Influences: Unknown

Axology: Gibson 1978 Les Paul Standards, Gibson J-45, Gibson J-100 XT, 1960's Fender Telecaster and PRS hollowbody electric guitars

Signature song(s): Creep - Stone Temple Pilots (Core, 1992) and It Doesn't Seem to Matter - Army of Anyone (Army of Anyone, 2006)


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