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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Emma Anderson (Lush/Sing-Sing)

Name: Emma Anderson
Born: 10th June, 1967 (Wimbledon, London, England)

Profile: She is an English musician, best known for being a songwriter, guitarist and backing singer in the Britpop band "Lush". As a keen music fan, she used to write a fanzine called 'Alphabet Soup' with school friend Miki Berenyi when she was a teenager.

History: She started to play guitar in the 70's and attended 'Ealing College of Higher Education' in London where she first joined a band called "The Rover Girls" as a bass player.

In 1988, she formed "Lush" with friend and fellow song writer, Miki Berenyi. In "Lush", she played as a lead guitarist, and played their very first performance at 'Camden Falcon' in London. They went on to reasonable success, having a number of Top 40 hits over an 8 year career.

Both Anderson and Berenyi became major music press celebrities. 'NME' and 'Melody Maker' magazine gleefully reported their social activities on a regular basis, which could be said to overshadow their increasingly strong songwriting.

After their biggest hits, the Top 30 'Single Girl', 'Ladykillers' and '500 (Shake Baby Shake)' and Top 10 album, 'Lovelife' in 1996, the band disbanded officially on February 1997 due to personal reasons.

In 1997, Anderson formed a new band with vocalist Lisa O'Neill, "Sing-Sing". They released two albums - 'The Joy of Sing-Sing' in 2001 and 'Sing-Sing and I' in 2005, before officially disbanding on New Year's Day 2008.

Anderson currently resides in Brighton, with her daughter, and still works in the music industry.

Influences: Unknown

Axology: 1972 Fender Telecaster Thinline

Signature song(s): Single Girl - Lush (Lovelife, 1996)


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