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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Miki Berenyi (Lush)

Name: Miki Berenyi
Born: 18th March, 1967 (London, UK)

Profile: She is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. She was the lead singer of now disbanded group "Lush". She is mixed Japanese and Hungarian parentage, and currently she works for a magazine as a sub-editor.

History: Berenyi actually did not learn guitar formally, she just started to play guitar after forming "Lush" in 1988. At the age of 14, Berenyi met her friend and future bandmate, Emma Anderson. They became interested in music and together wrote the music fanzine 'Alphabet Soup'. Berenyi first music instrument was bass guitar while she was with the band, "The Bugs" and later went on to play with "I-Goat", "Fuhrer Five", and "the Lillies".

In 1988, Berenyi studied English literature at North London Polytechnic, where she met Emma Anderson (guitar) and Meriel Barham (vocal), and they decided to form their own band. When Barham left, the remaining members of "Lush" placed ads in local papers looking for Barham's replacement, but they could not find the singer they wanted, and Berenyi took over the vocals.

By 1990's, "Lush" supported opening tours for "Loop" and the "Darling Buds". Throughout those year, the band's reputation in the British music press began to grow as they released the acclaimed EP's 'Mad Love' and 'Sweetness and Light', played high-profile gigs like the 'Glastonbury Festival', and became favorites of the music weeklies' gossip columns.

'Gala', an album compiling their three EPs, became the band's first American release at the end of 1990. "Lush" spent most of 1991 recording their debut album, releasing the 'Black Spring' EP in the spring and their debut album, 'Spooky' in 1992, reaching the British Top Ten and topping the U.K. indie charts.

After "Lush" disbanded, Berenyi appeared as guest on "The Rentals" album 'Seven More Minutes'. Miki has also contributed vocals to a remix of a 'Flat 7' track by Robin Guthrie and appearing on four tracks as a guest vocalist for "Seinking Ships" on their debut album released in 2008.

Influences: Unknwon

Axology: Gibson Firebird guitar, Epiphone Riviera 12-String electric guitar and Marshall 1960B

Signature song(s): Single Girl - Lush (Lovelife, 1996)


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