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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Vicky Sianipar

Name: Vicky Sianipar
Born: Unknown (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Profile: He is a multi-talented musician, music arranger, composer and guitarist who plays music while preserving the ethnic culture of Indonesian music.

History: This Batak native started studying music when he was 6 years old and studied classical piano and guitar into his teen years. He played music professionally since high school, where he discovered his true love of new age and world of music.

In late 90's, he ditched his job in the family business and in 2001 began dedicating himself to music full time as a solo artist who played, arranged and produced his own album.

His first album called 'Toba Dream' claimed as the best selling World Music Album in Indonesia. The album was also awarded by 'Akedemi Musik Indonesia (AMI)' as the 'The Best World Music Artist'. His singles like 'Piso Surit' and 'Beta Hita' stays on MTV and local radio charts for weeks, also was known as the first ethnic new age music that was able to enter media's chart ever. He is, then, claimed as the youngest best selling Indonesian World Music artist that make him the icon of Indonesian World Musicians.

In his last four albums, Vicky has created music inspired by the music of north Sumatra (the birthplace of his ancestors). He is driven to learn and experiment with Batak music and instruments while updating their sound with modern keyboards and electronics. He continues to collaborate with musicians on other ethnics such as Javanese, Sundanese and Malay.

In 2006, he released 'Indonesian Beauty' an album where he experiment and produce all of his music in his state of the art studio complex in Jakarta called 'Vicky Sianipar Music Center', where he hopes to produce other groups dedicated to promoting and modernizing the traditional sounds of Indonesia.

Influences: North Sumatran music

Axology: Fender Startocaster

Signature song(s): Sesal Semu - Vicky Sianipar (Satu) and Sinanggar Tulo - Vicky Sianipar (Toba Dream III)

Link(s): (Official website)

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