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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit/Black Light Burns)

Name: Wesley Louden Borland
Born: 7th February, 1975 (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Profile: He is an American musician, best known as the guitarist for the band "Limp Bizkit". He has been in several other bands, including "The Damning Well", "Goatslayer" and "Big Dumb Face". He also recorded on "From First to Last" album in 2006, and served as bass guitarist for the band's subsequent tour. Borland is well known for his bizarre stage appearance, and for his fondness of musical artists that differed greatly from the musical tastes of his bandmates in Limp Bizkit. Borland performed in "Black Light Burns", in which he sang and wrote most of the music.

History: He started playing music in an early age, growing up in Florida, he met bassist Sam Rivers, but the two did not get along due to rivalries between local bands. He went to school with John Otto. When "Limp Bizkit" was looking for a guitarist, John Otto threw out his name, stating he was more of an artist than a guitarist, but the band decided he'd be worthwhile for the position. In one of these bands, Borland sang and played guitar but didn't use a guitar pick. He would only play guitar using the two hand tapping style of guitar playing that he would go on to use in "Limp Bizkit" songs such as 'Stalemate', 'Sour', 'Re-Arranged' and 'Indigo Flow'.

With his black bulging eyes, outrageous stage costumes, freakish makeup and artistic sensibilities, it could be said that Borland is the modern day Ace Frehley (Kiss) - a consummate guitarist with a flair for showmanship and an eye for spectacle. His penchant for the bizarre stems from his background in visual arts (in his spare time, he's a painter, illustrator and sculptor), combined with a healthy interest in science fiction.

In 2001, Borland left "Limp Bizkit" but before leaving he formed the band "Big Dumb Face" as an outlet for his creativity, followed by "Eat the Day" (with brother, Scott Borland), he also played bass for the band "dobmyer" for a short time.

During this down period, Borland began production on his solo album. He was also featured twice on the Underworld soundtrack: 'Weak and Powerless' and 'The Awakening' with a supergroup called "The Damning Well".

In 2003, Borland co-produced and played guitar on several songs for "The Crystal Method". The tracks he worked on were 'Broken Glass', 'Weapons of Mass Distortion' and the lead single 'Born Too Slow'. In 2005, Borland declared himself a full time member of his new project, "Black Light Burns", where Borland as vocal and guitarist.

Recently in 2009, Wes Borland rejoined "Limp Bizkit" after he attacked the bands comeback plans and Durst's songwriting skills; claiming he had more freedom with his current band "Black Light Burns".

He's been known to restring his guitars in unique ways and experiment with all sorts of weird tunings, and layering guitars across the mix is something he's got down to a science.

Influences: Eddie Van Halen

Axology: Ibanez 7-strings guitar, Paul Reed Smith guitar, Master guitars 4-strings semi-acoustic baritone, Fender Jazzmaster, Gretsch hollowbody reissue, Mesa/Boogie and Deizel amplifiers

Signature song(s): Nookie - Limp Bizkit (Significant Other, 1999)

Link(s): (Limp Bizkit official website)

It's just a lot more fun to dress up and look completely bizarre onstage" - Wes Borland

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