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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Andy Wood (Down From Up)

Name: Andy Wood
Born: Unknown

Profile: He is an American guitarist, notably known for his work with the band "Down From Up". In 2003, he won the national competition of 'Guitarmageddon', soon after that, he was mainly known through the Internet and iTunes.

History: Born in a musical background, where most of his family members plays music. Wood started playing music around 5 years old with an old Alvarez mandolin, since then he always join the family's band to jamm. It was his grandfather who got him started on bluegrass songs, like Tony Rice, Bela Fleck and Bill Monroe, then he got into some acoustic jazz.

At the age of 18, he did a two year, jazz major at the University of Tennessee, and it was around this time he heard all of the 'standard issue shred' like the work of virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai and Steve Morse. But pretty much he got his skills by 'old school' hard work - practicing his ears. Eventually, after that he started playing electric guitar in 2000. His first electric guitar was a Fender Telecaster, with a Peavey Bandit combo amplifier.

The following years, he formed a band called "Down From Up". And in 2008, the band was a success, "Down From Up" even toured with "Drowning Pool" and "Sevendust". The next year, Wood released his first solo album, entitled 'A Disconcerting Amalgam'.

In 2010, he played along with guitarist Guthrie Govan. The both of them played in two shows in LA, at the Tone Merchants and Musician's Institute. Wood was definitely impressed with Guthrie and they played a great version of Guthrie's song 'Rhode Island Shred'.

Influences: Django Reinhardt, Paul Birchfield (Grandfather), Brian Arrowood (cousin), Greg English (stepfather), 10 Years, Coheed and Cambria, Shinedown, After Midnight Project, The Hellecasters, Albert Lee, Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley, Diamond Rio, Jerry Reed, Brent Mason, Buck Owens and Clint Strong

Axology: Suhr guitar, Tom Anderson guitars, TC Electronic G-System and Diezel amplifiers

Signature song(s): Amazing Grace - Andy Wood (Disconcerting Amalgam, 2009)


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