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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bryan Adams (Sweeney Todd)

Name: Bryan Guy Adams
Born: 5th November, 1959 (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

Profile: He is a Canadian rock singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer. Adams was awarded the Order of Canada and the Order of British Columbia for contributions to popular music and philanthropic work via his own foundation, which helps improve education for people around the world. He is also a well known photographer.

History: Adams musical goals began during his teenage years and took music seriously. He started to play musical instruments like guitar and piano. At the age of 15, Adams quit school to play in nightclubs with bands like "Shock" and "Sweeney Todd", who released an album called 'If Wishes Were Horses' as the lead singer.

In 1978, at the age of 18, Adams sent a few demo recordings to A&M Records in Toronto. Not long afterwards he signed with them, some of the first demos have surfaced over the years, most notably 'I'm Ready' and 'Remember', which was recorded on his first album. Both songs were covered by other artists even before his first album was released.

In 1980, his self-titled debut album was released and marked the beginning of what was to become a long songwriting partnership between Adams and Jim Vallance. The Adams/Vallance partnership wrote songs for many other artists notably Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond and "Kiss", to name a few.

In 1983, Adam's third album 'Cuts Like a Knife' was released. Singles from the album like 'Straight from the Heart' and 'Cuts Like a Knife' was the most successful songs which made Adams achieved international recognition, popularity and sales. The next year, Adams released another album 'Reckless', which included the hit singles 'Heaven' and 'Summer of '69'. The 'Reckless' album was Adams best-selling album in the United States and was certified five times platinum.

In 1991, Adams's next album, 'Waking Up the Neighbours', sold over 10 million copies worldwide. The album featured the power ballad '(Everything I Do) I Do It for You'. This song was featured as 'Original Soundtrack' in the movie 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves', and spent a record-breaking 16 weeks at number one on the UK singles chart. It also achieved record-breaking sales of 4 million copies in the US.

In 1993, Adams released a compilation album entitled 'So Far So Good', that again topped the charts in numerous countries. It included a brand new song called 'Please Forgive Me', that became another number 1 single in Australia as well as reaching the Top 3 in the US, the UK and Germany.

With great albums and powerful songs which he composed and written, Adams is still in the music business. Recently, Adams released 'One World, One Flame' in Fabruary, 2010 - a track which will be used as a theme song by the major German TV station ARD for their Olympic TV Coverage of Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Influences: Unknown

Axology: Fender Stratocaster, Gibson acoustic and Guild acoustic guitars

Signature song(s): (Everything I Do)I Do It for You - Bryan Adams (Waking Up the Neighbours, 1991) and Please Forgive Me - Bryan Adams (So Far So Good, 1993)

Link(s): (Official website)

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