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Monday, 14 June 2010

Jeff Loomis (Nevermore)

Name: Jeff Loomis
Born: 14th September, 1971 (Appleton, Wisconsin, USA)

Profile: He is an American musician and guitarist, most notably known as the lead guitarist for the Seattle progressive metal band, "Nevermore".

History: Loomis started making music with drums, but soon he was bored and he started playing guitar. He got his first instrument at 9 or 10 years old, but did not start practicing seriously until around the age of 15. As a teenager in he played in a handful of cover bands and three death metal bands before joining more established bands. At the age of 16, Loomis won Wisconsin's 'Guitar Wars' contest.

After he won the contest, he auditioned for "Megadeth", after their lead guitarist Jeff Young left. After they played a few songs together, Dave Mustaine, the band's frontman, thanked Loomis and told him that one day he would become a great guitar player, but because of his age he was not right for the position.

Not long after the audition, Loomis join the band "Sanctuary" after guitarist Sean Blosl had left, however, because of a dispute caused by guitarist Lenny Rutledge wanting to make grunge oriented music, "Sanctuary" broke up 4 months afterwards. After the break-up, Loomis and former "Sanctuary" members vocalist Warrel Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard made plans to form "Nevermore", and in late 1994, Loomis became the lead guitarist of "Nevermore" after the brief period being in "Sanctuary".

Now, he is the main songwriter of the band, adding to the unique sound that fans are familiar with. Currently, Loomis plays an important role in portraying the sound that "Nevermore" has today, using a 7 string guitars and techniques such as sweep-picking. One of his more important musical showcases is in the critically acclaimed album 'Dead Heart in a Dead World', in which he wrote most of the songs before forming "Nevermore".

In 2005, Loomis reported that he would take some time as a break and then begin recording a solo album. In 2008, he announced that the album will be called 'Zero Order Phase', and was released on September via Century Media Records.

Influences: Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine, Jason Becker and Marty Friedman

Axology: Schecter seven string guitars - Jeff Loomis C7 FR signature model, Schecter C-7 Hellraiser, Ibanez guitars, Gibson guitars, Jackson guitars, ESP guitars - Horizon 7 and Warmoth guitars, Peavey amplifiers and Krank amplifiers

Signature song(s): Timothy Leary - Nevermore (Nevermore, 1994) and Omega's Influence - Jeff Loomis (Zero Order Phase, 2008)

Link(s): (Official website)

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