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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mark Tremonti (Creed/ Alter Bridge)

Name: Mark Thomas Tremonti
Born: 18th April, 1974 (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Profile: He is an American Grammy award-winning musician and songwriter best known as the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for the American rock bands "Creed" and "Alter Bridge".

History: At the age of 11, Tremonti started exposing to heavy music, like "KISS" and "Metallica", with the help of his brother Daniel and Michael. He (Mark) was greatly inspired by this music and it was around 1985 that he bought his first guitar, a TARA (Gibson LP knock off) for $25 from a man who wanted him to play in his band. Mark, enthralled by the deal, immediately signed up for lessons but quit after 2 weeks and began to teach himself, by buying a few tab books and trying to learn his favorite songs, practicing them until he got them right.

In the early 90's, Tremonti moved to Orlando, and met for the first time with future singer Scott Stapp. It was also here that Tremonti had his first rock band called "Wit's End", playing "Motley Crue" covers and other metal songs. After doing his studies at Clemson University for a year, he went back to Florida to reunited with Scott Stapp. At this point, his guitar skills had reached a new level, and the both of them agreed to formed a band together, and auditioned for a bassist and drummer, resulting in Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips's selection.

As the band sat down to think of a good band name, a funny article which Tremonti carried in his wallet, headlined "Naked Toddler" came to mind which led to the bands original name. But after a while, they realized they needed a change and Stapp and Marshall suggested "Creed". For Stapp, it was rememberance of his roots (Stapp's ancestors were Creek Indians) and Marshall's old band was "Maddox Creed". Tremonti and Phillips agreed and "Creed" was born.

After they had written a few songs, they put together all the money they had and recorded an album, called 'My Own Prison' which took only $6000 to make, and only 6000 copies were made, and their began to tour around America. Eventually, a Radio Jockey heard about "Creed" and decided to check them out, he heard 'My Own Prison' and the song was played, and became a success. In 1997, the band re-recorded the album 'My Own Prison', with a few small changes to the lyrics and guitars with Wind Up records.

The album was a huge hit and they have had 8 #1 singles and 3 multi-platinum albums in the US alone. In 2004, "Creed" officially announced their break-up after 3 highly successful albums. Tremonti, Phillips and Marshall formed a new band with Myles Kennedy (The Mayfield Four), called "Alter Bridge" while Stapp opted for a solo career. "Alter Bridge" name comes from a long-standing bridge near Tremonti’s childhood home in Detroit, which was often regarded as a boundary to the children in surrounding neighborhoods; beyond it was uncharted territory.

Tremonti also worked on producing for bands such as "Submersed" and with Troy Stetina, and has guest appeared on albums by Michael Angelo Batio and Fozzy. Tremonti's main project though had been creating a new band. From playing a cheap guitar, Mark now has his own PRS signature series guitar and Mark Tremonti Morley power wah pedal. With "Creed's" success Tremonti has achieved best guitarist of the year for 3 years and his success continues as he works on new projects, working with other bands and writing new music.

Influences: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Zakk Wylde (BLS), Joe Bonamassa, Neal Schon, Audley Freed, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Slash (G'nR), Metallica, Slayer, Celtic Frost and Testament

Axology: PRS Tremonti signature series model guitar, Taylor 614CE acoustic guitars, Morley wah-wah, T-Rex Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive pedals and Fender Twin Reverb amplifiers

Signature song(s): With Arms Wide Open - Creed (Human Clay, 1999) and My Sacrifice - Creed (Weathered, 2001)

Link(s): (Official website)

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