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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Michael Amott (Carcass/Arch Enemy)

Name: Michael Amott
Born: 28th July, 1970 (London, England)

Profile: He is a Swedish guitarist, songwriter, founding member of the bands "Arch Enemy", "Spiritual Beggars", and "Carnage", as well as a member of the death metal band "Carcass". He is the older brother of Christopher Amott.

History: Amott began playing guitar as a young teenager, learning to play by copying Punk/Hardcore and Thrash/Speed Metal out of his record collection. he soon went to a new level with his playing. He has stated in guitar magazines that he has a preference for pentatonics scales, and his soloing style is frequently compared to that of Michael Schenker.

In 1988, Amott co-formed the death metal band "Carnage" with singer Johan Liiva, and released two widely traded cassette demos, gaining instant underground interest. Plagued by constant lineup changes, "Carnage" would eventually record their only album 'Dark Recollections'. In 1990, Amott was recruited by "Carcass", and released the album 'Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious' a year later, followed by, 'Heartwork', the album which help to define what is now known as melodic death metal.

In 1993, he left "Carcass" and decided to form a classic rock influenced band, "Spiritual Beggars". The band released their debut album a year later, which led to an European record deal with Music for Nations.

Still heavily into extreme metal, Amott formed a new melodic death metal project in the same vein as "Carcass", and he contacted original "Carnage" vocalist Johan Liiva, as well as his younger brother Christopher Amott and put together "Arch Enemy". The band's first album 'Black Earth' was originally intended to be a one-off project, but in 1997, the album's first single, 'Bury Me An Angel' received unexpected airplay on Japan's MTV Rocks! program.

In 2003, "Arch Enemy" released 'Anthems of Rebellion', and for the first time, their received US MTV airplay with the video for 'We Will Rise'. The band would reach new heights in popularity worldwide, and toured constantly until the release of 2005's 'Doomsday Machine'. Amott returned once again to "Spiritual Beggars" in 2005, releasing the album 'Demons'. He also recently performed a guest guitar solo on "The Haunted" and "Kreator".

Today, Amott is busy touring the world and recording with "Arch Enemy" and the re-formed "Carcass", and he does not rule out a return to "Spiritual Beggars" in the future.

Influences: Michael Schenker, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Frank Marino and Uli Jon Roth

Axology: Dean guitar Micheal Amott Signature Tyrant Bloodstorm, ESP guitars, Ibanez RG 550 Road Flare Red, Fernandes guitars and Marshall amplifiers

Signature song(s): Heartwork - Carcass (Heartwork, 1993) and Bury Me An Angel - Arch Enemy (Black Earth, 1997)


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