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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Daisy Berkowitz (Marilyn Manson/3TG)

Name: Scott Mitchell Putesky
Born: 28th April, 1968 (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Profile: He is better known by his stage name Daisy Berkowitz, a professional musician and was the guitarist of industrial metal band "Marilyn Manson" before moving on to "Three Ton Gate" (3TG) and "Stuck on Evil". His stage name is formed from the names Daisy Duke and David Berkowitz.

History: Putesky's first musical instruments were the flute and the snare drum, and in 6th grade he joined the school's chorus, for which he apparently had a talent. His early loves were drawing and Sci-Fi movies (mainly Star Wars). His first record was the Star Wars soundtrack, and the influence that it had on him can be seen in much of his original artwork, which consists of aliens and spaceships.

In the late 70's, when he was in his early teenage years, he found admiration for artists such as David Bowie and "Talking Heads", influences that are apparent in his later work. In 1980, Putesky's discovery of MTV after his moving to Fort Lauderdale, gave him the inspiration to save up to buy a small Casio keyboard. He taught himself to play, and later, in 8th grade, took guitar lessons. Influenced by his early favorites, which lead to his development of an odd personal style sometimes described as a fusion between blues and grunge.

Putesky's first band was "The Flying Eggbeaters", with drummer Tom Wolf and bassist Jim Neuman. This gave him the experience needed to later go on to other bands, such as "Blue China" and "Ear Wacks". In 1988, after being given a small 4-track recorder by his parents, he bought a bass guitar and a drumkit to record his music with a full ensemble, at this period, he met with Brian Warner (future frontman of "Marilyn Manson") at a local party and the two instantly bonded.

Putesky, who had at this point not thought to advance his lyrical ability, began to meet up with Warner and brainstorm after his admission of wanting to start a band as a creative outlet for his poetry-writing abilities. Dual input from both parties gave the band its darkly psychedelic style, and as early as 1989, they began to record on Putesky's 4-track songs that would seven years later become known as 'Cake and Sodomy' and 'Dogma'. They quickly assembled a band with Warner's schoolmate Brian Tutunick (aka Olivia Newton Bundy) and Perry Pandrea (aka Zsa Zsa Speck). The band played its first show at Churchills, Miami and was known as "Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids".

In the early 90's, the band quickly built a cult following, playing at clubs and later opening for several national acts such as "Danzig". In 1992, "Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids" played their last show and renaming themselves to a shorter "Marilyn Manson". Though the band built up a strong local fanbase throughout these years, it was not until their 1995 release 'Smells Like Children' that they caught the ear of the world with the darkly gothic cover of Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)'.

After opening for "Danzig", having two headlining tours, the band headed back to the studio to begin work on their new album 'Antichrist Superstar'. At this point, creative differences between Warner and Putesky reached their peak. Putesky left "Marilyn Manson", abandoning the Daisy Berkowitz moniker in favor of his own initials, SMP, and began recording demos for his first solo project, "Three Ton Gate".

In 1997, the album was released, written entirely by Putesky using the name Scott Mitchell (his first and middle name), and featured gothic vocalist Tyreah James. In 1998, Putesky joined up with longtime "Marilyn Manson" collaborators "Jack Off Jill", replacing departing member guitarist Ho Ho Spade and playing live on their 1999 West Coast tour. His first recorded work with the band was the EP 'Covetous Creature'. By early 1999, Putesky was no longer a member of "Jack Off Jill", by most accounts, he simply lost interest in the band and he kicked around several solo and collaborative projects.

He also re-established the "Rednecks on Drugs" project with fellow musician Rich Penny, eventually, "Rednecks on Drugs" metamorphosed into "Stuck on Evil", essentially a hard-rock band with gothic and early Rock 'N Roll influences. In 2001, the band recorded a 10-song full-length album, 'Suntanic', produced by Putesky. However, following the September, 11 (911) attacks, and the subsequent condemnation of 'evildoers' by President Bush, the band decided to drop the word 'evil' from its name, reverting to the original name of "Three Ton Gate", and Putesky recorded the album 'Lose Your Mind' in 2003.

Influences: David Bowie, "The Cure", "U2", "Talking Heads" and Star Wars (soundtrack)

Axology: Yamaha RGX 612-S

Signature song(s): Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Marilyn Manson (Smells Like Children, 1995)

Link(s): (Three Ton Gate's Official Myspace)

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