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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Anastasia Bardina

Name: Anastasia Bardina
Born: Unknown

Profile: She is a Russian classical guitarist and graduated from the Russian Academy of Music. Bardina is the only virtuoso guitarist in Russia who plays both the 7-string Russian guitar and the 6-string Classical guitar. She also plays the 12-string GRAN Guitar (Guitar Russian Acoustically New) which is similar to a Classical guitar but has six light steel strings and six nylon strings with the steel strings lower in relation to the soundboard.

History: Her interest in music started when she was still young, and Bardina joined the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music (class of Professor A. Frauchi), just to pursue her dreams to be a classical musician.

After her graduation, Bardina is actively participating in numerous Russian and International Festivals. She always has enormous success with her solo concerts in countries such as Hungary, Poland, Austria, Cuba, Czech Republic, China, Mongolia, Latvia, Estonia, Belorussia and Ukraine.

Although she is not well-known in the West, Anastasia Bardina is one of the best classical guitar players in the world. In every of her concerts, she can be seen using his trademark 7-string classical guitar, though this instrument has been forgotten during several of decades. However, during the last several years, Russian and foreign musicians got highly interested with this instrument and therefore Bardina's concerts became especially valuable.

Bardina also perfectly plays six-string guitars and in her concerts she combines the masterpieces of world guitar art and the unique repertoire of Russian classics, which she tenderly saved and now shares with the audience. Today, Bardina is the constant member of jury on International and Russian competitions.

Influences: Unknown

Axology: 7-strings Russian guitar and the 12-strings GRAN guitar

Signature song(s): The Moth - Anastasia Bardina (GRAN-d Surprise, 1996)


"Harmony is the best word to describe the creative look of Anastasia Bardina" - World of Guitar Magazine.

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