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Friday, 6 August 2010

Erros Candra (Sheila On 7/Jagostu)

Name: Eross Candra
Born: 3rd July, 1979 (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Profile: He is an Indonesian multi-talented musician, composer and guitarist, better known for his guitar work in "Sheila On 7" or (So7).

History: Erros was born in a musical background families, his mother was a singer, his grandfather was a saxophonist and his uncle was a professional guitar player. Since elementary school, he was exposed to the music industry by accompanied his mother to band practice in their home studio, since then he was so interested in guitar and wanted to learn more about the instrument. He got his first acoustic Kawasaki guitar on his 14th birthday from his dad (which he still kept), and started to learn classical guitar from his uncle named Rus.

In 1995, in 3rd grade junior high school, he joined in a band, but it did not last long because one of his band mates moved to the city, and the band was disbanded. While in high school, Eross was invited to joined "Dizzy band' with Icha and Adhit Jikustik, and it was at this time that his old man bought Erros his first electric guitar. In 1996, Eross acquainted with Sakti, Anton, Adam and Duta. After they went a lot of jamming together, "Sheila Gank" was finally formed on May, 1996. The band had followed 'Festival Band DIY in Yogyakarta and got first prize, and both Eross and Adam won the prize as 'The Best Guitarist' and 'The Best Bassist', respectively.

In 1998, "Sheila Gank" had the opportunity to offer demos of their songs to Sony Music Indonesia, and change the band's name to "Sheila On 7" ('Sheila' is derived from the Celtic meaning of music and 'On 7' was taken from the seven scales in music), and their debut album hit the charts and made "So7" as the new Best Indie band in Indonesia.

With "So7", Eross became the most active songwriter in this band, he also composed songs for Memes, Rio Febrian and Tasya, and both the soundtrack for the movie '30 Hari Mencari Cinta' and 'Soe Hok Gie'. In addition to "So7", Eross is also busy with his new project band, "Jagostu". However, he made sure that his new band will not interfere with the existence and integrity of the band who made him as one of the best guitarist in Indonesia.

Influences: Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), KISS, Europe and God Bless

Axology: Fender Telecaster and Kawasaki acoustic guitar

Signature song(s): Sephia - Sheila on 7 (Sheila on 7, 1999) and Berhenti Berharap - Sheila on 7 (OST - 30 Hari Mencari Cinta)

Link(s): (Official Sheila on 7 website)

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