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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Rosli Mohalim (Sweet Charity)

Name: Rosli Mohalim
Born: 30th September, 1954 (Singapore)

Profile: He is a Singaporean musician, composer and a self-taught guitarist, better known for his guitar works in the 1970's legendary rock group "Sweet Charity" (AKA Singapore's "Deep Purple"). Other then music, Rosli also appreciate fine arts, he graduated from Nanyang Academy Singapore - Fine Arts in 1975.

History: He started to take an interest in music since primary school, from the influence of his brother, his brother was a music lover who always organized bands in the 60's, and every time there was a jammed session, Rosli will come along and play around with the drums. After he finished Primary 6, his brother bought him an acoustic Rossini guitar. Though Rosli did not have any interest in guitar at the time but he learn and developed some of his techniques from a friend named Fadhlin, and bought his first electric guitar when he was just starting his secondary school.

In 1970, Rosli joined a band called "Purple Grass" - which covered mostly "Deep Purple's" songs. After he graduated from school in 1975, he joined a band called "Sugar N Spice" which played mostly on clubs, this period was the era of funk and disco music, and Rosli at the time played bass guitar for the band.

In 1976, frontman Ramli Sarip and guitarist A. Ali of "Sweet Charity", met up with Rosli and asked him to joined "Sweet Charity" as a bass player replacing Wahid Warren. Ramli was very interested on how Rosli played his bass in one of the clubs where Rosli performed, but after guitarist A. Ali left the band, Rosli step up to take the guitar work and told Ramli to look for a new bassist (Rosli was replaced by the late Syed Hassan).

In 1978, "Sweet Charity" debut album was released, and it was the starting era of Rock & Roll in both Singapore and Malaysia. Followed by their second album, in 1980, 'Pelarian', this album consists of two legendary songs, such as; 'Musibah' and 'Zakiah'. Rosli and "Sweet Charity" managed to released 6 more albums until the late 80's, and did a reunion in 1996, with the original line-ups. Today, he is still in the music industry and is one of the high demand session for solo artists, both in Singapore and Malaysia.

Influences: Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Santana and Grand Funk

Axology: Fender Stratocaster guitar with Floyd Rose Tremolo

Signature song(s): Teratai - Sweet Charity and Kamelia - Sweet Charity (both songs are from - Koleksi Sweet Charity, 1984)

Link(s): (Rosli's blog)

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