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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Eddie (DEF GAB C)

Name: Eddie
Born: Unknown

Profile: He is a Malaysian bassist, composer and musician, most notably known for his bass guitar works with his current band "DEF GAB C". He is one of the most famous Malaysian bassist who plays 6 strings bass in a heavy rock genre.

History: He started playing guitar in his teens, but got bored because many of his friends knows how to play the instrument, so Eddie went on to try bass guitar, with his early influences such as, "Metallica", "Halloween" and "Deep Purple", he never look back ever since.

After many years practicing bass guitar, Eddie joined a small local band, which played for weddings, parties and eventually ended up in night clubs. While just started to play in clubs, his friends GG and Lola, recommended Eddie to use a 5 strings bass (due to the demand for Jazz music) and he accidentally bought a 6 strings bass, and ever since that day, the bass was his main axe for more then a decade.

In 1996, legendary guitarist Joe (Wings) discovered Eddie and his bandmates' talents in a local club in Kuala Lumpur. Joe met up with them and introduced them to the late legendary rock composer JS Kevin. The composer was amazed with the band performances and offered the band a record deal. Soon after the negotiations, JS Kevin renamed the band to "DEF GAB C", which carries the important 7 notes in music (D E F G A B C).

In 1997, "DEF GAB C" debut album, 'Citarasa' was released. It was one of the best rock album of the year, which consists hit songs, such as, 'Ibu Kota Cinta' and 'Tak Sanggup Lagi'. In 1999, the released of their second album, 'Skala', also went to the top charts with hits like, 'Cinta Sakti' and 'Ranjau Kasturi'.

Until now, Eddie and "DEF GAB C", has released 6 studio albums. The band, has won various awards, such as 'Best Rock Album' for the album 'Remifasolatido' and Anugerah Industri Musik ke 9', in 2002, to name a few. Currently, Eddie and "DEF GAB C" are busy preparing new materials and their are planning to go back to studio for the recording of their new album.

Influences: Metallica, Halloween, Deep Purple, YES, Flea (Red Hot Chili Pepper), John Myung (Dream Theater), John Patitucci, Kevin Moore, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius and Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big)

Axology: Warwick bass - Streamer Bolt On II

Signature song(s): Maniq Kayangan - DEF GAB C (Merah, 2002)


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