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Friday, 9 April 2010

Bucky Pizzarelli

Name: John Paul Pizzarelli
Born: 9th January, 1926 (Paterson, New Jersey, USA)

Profile: He is an American Jazz guitarist and banjoist, and the father of jazz guitarist John Pizzarelli. The list of musicians Pizzarelli has collaborated with over his career includes Les Paul, Stephane Grappelli and Benny Goodman.

History: Born in a musical background, he started to play guitar in his early age, taught by his uncle every Sundays. Later those years, he ended up playing in little weddings and in high school, he formed a small group band which played classical music like "Vienna Woods".

His professional career started at 17 when he joined the "Vaughn Monroe" dance band in 1943, he toured and recorded with the band through 1951. Near the end of WWII, while in the military, he played in an unauthorized dance band. In 1952 he joined NBC as a staff musician and played in the "Doc Severinson Band" on the Tonight Show.

From 1956–1957, Pizzarelli performed with "The Three Sounds" trio along with bassist Andy Simpkins and pianist Gene Harris. He toured several times off and on with Benny Goodman.

In New York, Pizzarelli worked mainly as a freelance musician in the studios and he appeared on many recordings as part of the rhythm section. One of the era's most solid rhythm players, he was in high demand to provide propulsion and background for other musicians. He has brought forward the great chord solo tradition begun by George Van Eps and Dick McDonough. Like George Van Eps, Pizzarelli adopted the 7-string electric guitar.

His recordings as leader began to appear in the 70's with recordings like 'Green Guitar Blues'. On this recording Pizzarelli established a pattern he repeated throughout his career. Pizzarelli has carried forward other jazz guitar traditions as well.

Influences: Django Reinhardt, Freddie Green, George Van Eps, George Barnes, Tony Motolla, Artie Ryerson and Barry Galbrith

Axology: Archtop 1955 Gibson guitar and Benedetto Bucky Pizzarelli Signature 7-string guitar

Signature song(s): Love Songs and NY Swing


"I practice by playing - not scales" - Bucky Pizzarelli

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