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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Johnny Winter

Name: John Dawson Winter III
Born: 23rd February, 1944 (Beaumont, Texas, USA)

Profile: He is an American blues guitarist, singer and producer.

History: Johnny Winter began performing at an early age with his younger brother, Edgar Winter, he were about 10 years old, playing ukelele and singing. His recording career began at the age of 15, when their band "Johnny and the Jammers" released 'School Day Blues'. During this same period, he was able to see performances by classic blues artists such as Muddy Waters, BB King and Bobby Bland.

In 1968, Winter caught his biggest break, when Mike Bloomfield (blues guitarists), who admired his playing, invited him to sing and play a song during a "Super Session" jam concert in New York. As it happened, representatives of Columbia Records were at the concert.

In 1969, his first album was released, featured the same core group called "Winter". The album's success coincided with Imperial Records picking up The Progressive Blues Experiment for wider release. The same year, the "Winter" toured and performed at several rock festivals, including Woodstock.

A year later, he recorded his second album in Nashville, after "Winter" disbanded and formed a new band called "Johnny Winter And".

In live performances, Winter often tells the story about how, as a child, he dreamed of playing with the blues guitarist Muddy Waters. By 1977, Winter got the chance to bring Waters into the studio for the 'Hard Again' album. The album became a best-seller, with Winter producing and playing support guitar - followed with two more studio albums with Muddy Waters.

Today Winter is enjoying an unparalleled resurgence performing to sold out shows worldwide even after a long life full of honors and accomplishments such as a triumphant appearance at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival. In a ceremony with Slash presenting in Nashville, Gibson Guitars released the signature Johnny Winter Firebird guitar that has been his beloved trademark for years. Always one for special appearances he recently performed with the "Allman Brothers" at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan on the 40th anniversary of their debut.

Influences: Muddy Waters and BB King

Axology: Gibson Firebird guitar

Signature song(s): "Dallas" (a striking acoustic blues), "Good Morning Little School Girl" and "It's My Own Fault"

Link(s): (Official website)

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