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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wayan Balawan (Batuan Ethnic Fusion)

Name: I Wayan Balawan
Born: 9th September, 1973 (Bali, Indonesia)

Profile: He is a producer, versatile guitarist that play many styles of music and a great solo performer. He has developed the ability to play a special and difficult form of tapping which involves chord and bass work with the left hand and tapped melody with the right hand, which resembles piano playing. Balawan is now considered as one of famous favorite jazz guitarist in Indonesia.

History: Balawan grew up amongst Balinese "Gamelan" music. At the age of 8 he began to play guitar and started to shred his guitar neo-classical "Malmsteen" style since he was 10 years old. And formed his first band at the age of 14 called "Maxel" and followed with "Trisum".

In 1993, he went to study jazz at the Australian Institute Of Music in Sydney for two years. In 1997, he went back to Bali and formed "Batuan Ethnic Fusion" (A mix of Balinese Gamelan and Jazz) and released an album in 1999.

In early 2000's, Balawan was quite busy performing his love with Jazz in festivals and tours all around the world, such as "Open Strings Guitar Festival, Germany" (2000), "East Meet West Gitarren Festival, Germany" (2000), "Hell Blues Festival, Norway" (2001), Australian tour (2005), "Pop Asia Fukuoka, Japan" (2005), "Quebec City Summer Festival, Canada" (2006) and "National University of Singapore Art Festival, Singapore" (2006). In 2007, he performed in Javajazz with "Balawan Trio".

Influences: Allan Holdsworth, Paco Delucia, John McLaughin, Steve Morse, Charlie Parker, Ian Antono and Indra Lesmana

Axology: Blueberry double neck acoustic guitar, Stephallen 13 Strings guitar, Ibanez Rhoadstar 1986, Fender Stratocaster, Digitech GNX 3000 and VOX amplifiers

Signature song(s): Morning Alarm and "Semua Bisa Bilang"

Link(s): (Official website)

"He's amazing. He came to my studio only with a drummer and he plays 1 guitar with 3 amplifier" - Mayzan

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