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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Guitar Pro 6

Hello friends (^^,) as of 5th April,2010... the long awaited Guitar Pro 6 (GP6) has been released with a completely redesigned version. \m/(^_^)\m/

I recommend guitar players out there to try this software, personally me, myself have tried this software since GP3 back in early 2000's. I also recommend this software to my fellow students, families and friends. Though I haven't try GP6 yet, currently I'm still using GP5 but surely I will be getting GP6 anytime SOON!!!

This is not just a typical guitar tablature software where we learn how to read tabs, I have been using GP for almost everything;

1. From composing songs
2. Experimenting varies of sounds and tunings
3. Explore more about music theories
4. Extracting MIDI files to Music sheets (or the other way around)
5. Helping me to improve my playing skills by using 'Metronome'
6. And last but not least, IMPROVE MY PIANO SKILLS!!! (^^p)

Try it out friends, you won't regret it and I hope you will enjoy this new version.

More about Guitar Pro 6, check the official website;


MieKhail Kenpachi said...

guitar pro rocks!!!

RizMum said...

Thanks and you are truly right about that 'seratus peratus', SHRED ON \m/