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Monday, 12 April 2010

Iwan Hasan (Discus)

Name: Iwan Hasan
Born: Unknown

Profile: He is an Indonesian contemporary musician who plays harp guitar, a Jazz & Rock guitarist, contemporary classical composer, orchestral arranger, keyboardist and lead vocalist with the progressive rock music group "Discus". He is the one and only contemporary musicians that exist with harp guitar in Indonesia.

History: Started to learn music in an early age, and took it seriously when he studied Music in Wilamette University in Oregon, USA. Though, he was trained as a contemporary classical composer, he learn to experiment music in a 'rock' side of it, which most people now say "RIO".

In the early 90's, he formed a band called "Discus" as a lead guitarist and vocalist. Their album was released in 1998/1999 by Mellow Records.

Iwan Hasan gain fame after joining in a compilation album which consists of great guitarists in Indonesia, called "Gitar Klinik (1)". One of the song in this album entitled "Echoes Transcultural on 33 strings", produced a very beautiful harmonization by his harp guitar.

In 2008, harp guitarist Stephen Bennett, John Doan and Greg Miner produced an album titled "Beyond Six Strings". An album which involve 13 musicians of harp guitar - including Iwan Hasan

Influences: J.S. Bach, Bartok, Dusan Bogdanovic, Milton Babbitt, Leo Brouwer, John Cage, Chick Corea, John Coltrane, Debussy, John Doan, Jim Hall, McCoy Tyner, Steve Morse, Yes, Carlos Santana, Swingout Sister, Linkin Park, Vocal Jazz, Messiaen, Takemitsu, Ginastera, Penderecki, Charles Ives, Lou Harrison and Avro Part

Signature song(s): Contrasts (including the traditional theme "Gambang Suling") and Echoes Transcultural on 33 strings

Axology: 21-strings harp guitar built by luthier John Sullivan, Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster


"Iwan Hasan's 21-string harp guitar sounds truly wonderful" - Brandon Wu (Ground and Sky)

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