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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Mus Mujiono (The Hands)

Name: Mus Mujiono
Born: 15th March, 1960 (Surabaya, Indonesia)

Profile: He is a famous Indonesian Jazz musician, guitarist, composer and also a singer. A multi talented musician who controlled almost all musical instruments. He is widely known as a guitarist who have guitar skills called "Scating", it is a harmonization of guitar melody that is consistent with the tone coming out from the mouth. He learned this technique from the world jazz musician, George Benson.

History: Mus was exposed to music in his early age, he started as a drummer in his teens with his brother's band the legendary Mus Mulyadi in the early 70's, he later found out that drums is not his thing and replaced it to guitar due to his love in Jazz music and started his own band called "The Hands".

After "The Hands" disbanded, Mus went solo as a national and international session musician. In 1988, he released his first solo album called "PERTAMA" and his second album "SUARA HATI" in 1992.

In 1995, he and bassist Jantje Manusama formed a band "Funk Section", where Glenn Fredly became famous as a young upcoming singer.

In 2009, Mus released a new album titled "Mus Mujiono Journey". This album is an appreciation of Mus Mujiono's music career in indonesia's music industry since the 80's.

Influences: George Benson

Axology: Unknown

Signature song(s): Arti Kehidupan - Mus Mujiono (Yang Pertama, 1988)


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