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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Dewa Budjana (Gigi)

Name: Dewa Gede Budjana
Born: 30th August, 1963 (Waikabubak, Indonesia)

Profile: He is an Indonesian guitarist, songwriter and composer, best known as the lead guitarist and songwriter of the band "Gigi".

History: Like many other guitarists, Dewa did not really have a formal education in music, however, his grandparents, played traditional 'gamelan' music in their spare times. His first guitar teacher was a construction worker who lived nearby his house. The passion grew stronger, and was nurtured when the boy moved to big city of Surabaya, where he took a classical music course when he was in high school, performed with a band, and indulged in dozens of music performances.

Dewa is initially into pop and rock, and his style veered heavily into jazz. He then established a jazz band called "Squirrel", which was pretty popular in the local scene. After graduation, he went to Jakarta to pursue a career as professional musician. He came across jazz maestro, the late Jack Lesmana, who taught Dewa the philosophy of jazz.

After a period of club performances, Dewa's skill later attracted many artists to collaborate with. He even joined several bands, such as "Spirit" and "Java Jazz", as well as working for noted musicians like Erwin Gutawa, Elfa Secioria and Addie MS.

In 1994, despite growing reputation as a top-notch guitarist, Dewa personal taste is actually pretty eclectic, which brought him to establish pop group "Gigi", the group survives until now, and still hailed as one of the biggest pop bands in the country.

He also manages to release four solo albums whose music is an amalgamation of jazz, pop and traditional music. His debut in 1997, 'Nusa Damai', was a collection of compositions he wrote ever since he knew how to play the instrument. In 2000, 'Gitarku' was released, a purely instrumental album with therapeutic and meditative sound. 'Samsara' followed three years later, an album highlighted with traditional Kalimantan flute and Japanese Shamisen. The album was a reflection of his journey and experience of working with international musicians, such Peter Erskine and bassist Dave Carpenter.

Influences: John Mc Laughlin, Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck, John Abercrombie, Chick Corea, Weather Report, Keith Jarret, Alex de Grassi, Bill Evans, Bill Frissell and Jan Garbarek

Axology: Parker guitar model Fly Delux, Klein guitars and Gibson guitars SG series, Carvin Legacy amplifier and Line 6

Signature song(s): Ruang Dialisis - Dewa Budjana (Nusa Damai, 1997) and 11 Januari - Gigi (Peace, Love & Respect, 2007)

Link(s): (Official website)

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