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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Jeff Hanneman (Slayer)

Name: Jeffery John Hanneman
Born: 31st January, 1964 (Oakland, California, USA)

Profile: He is an American musician and lyricist, best known as the lead guitarist and a founding member of the American thrash metal band "Slayer".

History: Started an interest in music in an early age, influenced by his brother Joey, the both of them started the band "Bloodcum" but nothing happened with that band. Early in the 80's, Hanneman approached guitarist Kerry King (when King was auditioning for a band). After the try-out session, the two guitarists started talking and playing "Iron Maiden" and "Judas Priest" songs, at that time "Slayer" was born.

In 1982, Hanneman, Dave Lombardo and guitarist Rocky George (Suicidal Tendencies) had a brief punk side project called "Pap Smear" - the band was due to start recording when Hanneman was advised to avoid the side project by "Slayer's" producer, Rick Rubin, and Hanneman took Rubin's advice, and later used two of the songs on "Slayer's" 1996 album 'Undisputed Attitude'.

Hanneman wrote probably the most well-known thrash song ever. It was 'Angel Of Death'. It should not be necessary to say, from where he got the inspiration to that song. Many know, that he for a long time, had interest in militarism.

Hanneman's and King's dual guitar solos have been called "wildly chaotic", and "twisted genius". Early albums, such as 'Hell Awaits' and 'Reign in Blood', featured a "wailing style" and "demented soloing often mimicking the screams of the song's victims". 'South of Heaven' featured "more technical" guitar riffs, utilizing the aforementioned tremolo picking and down-picked notes, improving musicianship while retaining a melodic sense.

Both Hanneman and King were ranked #10 on Guitar Worlds '100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists of All Time'.

Influences: Dead Kennedys, Alice in Chains, Type O Negative and Slipknot

Axology: ESP Jeff Hanneman Signature model, Jackson guitar and Marshall JCM-800 amplifiers

Signature song(s): Angel of Death and Raining in Blood - Slayer (Reign In Blood, 1986)


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