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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Number Seven (Slipknot)

Name: Mickael Gordon Thomson
Born: 3rd November 1973 (Des Moines, Iowa, USA)

Profile: He is an American musician, best known as being the lead and rhythm guitarist for the Grammy winning metal band "Slipknot", and known by his number #7. According to vocalist Corey Taylor, Thomson is an avid writer of poetry, loves cats, and has a fascination with serial killers.

History: In his youth, Thomson performed in bands such as "Body Pit", and joined "Slipknot" in 1997, replacing the band's guitarist, Craig Jones, who then became the band's sampler.

Thomson expresses his pseudonym as #7 more than most members of "Slipknot". For example, as well as being credited with the number in the liner notes of albums he has recorded, he also has the word 'seven' tattooed on his left arm, and features the word 'seven' on the designs all of his custom Ibanez guitars, and on all of his Ibanez MTM1's.

Outside "Slipknot", Thomson has taught guitar lessons at Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe, a local music shop in Des Moines, up until 1999. And has appeared on "Malevolent Creation's" album 'Doomsday X'. He also made a guest appearance in the music video for Lupara's 'No Pity on the Ants'.

Thomson commonly employs an extremely fast and accurate alternate picking technique, also implementing pinch harmonics into his work. He also utilizes sweep picking on occasion. Other characteristics in his playing includes tremolo picking passages, and dropped tunings.

Influences: Randy Rhodes and Paul Gilbert (Racer X)

Axology: B.C. Rich guitars, Ibanez guitars, Ovation semi-acoustic guitar, Rivera KR-7 amplifiers, Boss and DigiTech effects

Signature song(s): Spit It Out - Slipknot (Slipknot, 1999)

Link(s): (Slipknot's official website)

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