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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Number Two (Slipknot)

Name: Paul Dedrick Gray
Born/Died: 8th April, 1972 (Los Angeles, California, USA) – 24th May, 2010

Profile: He was an American musician, best known as the bassist of the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band "Slipknot".

History: Gray started playing guitar in 1990, and he was not interested to play any other instruments. But when he moved to Iowa, he started to play bass, and got in love with it ever since. His first bass was a right handed Charvel bass. He took a few bass lessons to learn slap and pop techniques, from a local bass player named Mark, and learned a lot of techniques from rock to funk and even jazz. In his youth, Gray performed in various bands such as "Anal Blast", "Vexx", "Body Pit" and "Inveigh Catharsi".

In 1995, an early formation of the band were beginning to coalesce, when Gray and drummer Shawn Crahan formed "The Pale Ones". The band played their first live performance under the name of "Meld" at a club called Crowbar in Des Moines. Soon after, drummer Jordison suggested renaming the band to "Slipknot", after their song that eventually appeared on the band's demo 'Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat'. The band also began experimenting with their image, wearing grotesque make-up and eventually the anti-image concept developed towards the members wearing masks.

In 1998, the band recorded their demo, which included 'Spit It Out'. The demo was sent to many record labels and, along with a growing popularity on the internet and help from their then manager Sophia John, interest grew from record labels and eventually producer Ross Robinson was contacted. The band, which had a strong interest in working with Robinson, met with him and it was then decided they would work together. Soon after, DJ Sid Wilson was brought in to the band after showing great interest and impressing band members. With the new member, the band signed to Roadrunner Records.

Besides "Slipknot", Gray filled in as bassist for "Unida" during their 2003 tour, appeared on 'Drop Dead, Gorgeous' Worse Than a Fairy Tale', he even toured briefly with "Reggie and the Full Effect" and appeared on the Roadrunner United project, performing bass on 'The Enemy' and 'Baptized in the Redemption' from the project's album 'The All-Star Sessions'.

Gray used to wear tape around his head for his mask. Later, he switched to a Halloween styled Pig mask which he used for the self-titled era, and it represented his indulgent personality. During the touring cycle for Iowa, he used a black mask with dark eye and nose holes, with a small slit near his mouth, and it bore a striking resemblance to the Man in the Iron Mask.

Influences: Cliff Burton (Metallica), Cliff Williams (AC/DC), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Black Sabbath, KISS, Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys

Axology: Ibanez PGB1L signature model, Warwick basses, Ampeg amplifiers and Peavey amplifiers

Signature song(s): Spit It Out - Slipknot (Slipknot, 1999)

Link(s): (Slipknot's official website)

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