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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Scott Ian (Anthrax/Pearl)

Name: Scott Ian Rosenfeld
Born: 31st December, 1963 (Queens, NY, USA)

Profile: He is an American musician, best known as the rhythm guitarist for "Anthrax". Ian is also the guitarist and a founding member of the crossover thrash band "Stormtroopers of Death". He has hosted The Rock Show on VH1 and has appeared on VH1's I Love the... series, Heavy: The Story of Metal and SuperGroup.

History: After witnessing "Kiss" live for the first time at Madison Square Garden in 1977, it made a huge impact on Ian, who has been very vocal over the years about his love for the band (KISS), he then started to play guitar and determined to form his own band.

In 1981, Ian met bassist Dan Lilker and formed a band called, "Anthrax" (they found the name in a biology textbook and claimed it because it sounded sufficiently evil to them). In a career spanning three decades, Ian helped to create the 'New Wave of American Heavy Metal' in the 80's alongside "Metallica". "Anthrax" have sold over 10 million records worldwide including 9 studio albums.

In 1991, Ian came up with the idea to crossover with rap pioneers "Public Enemy" and record what was to become the foundation of the Rap/Rock genre that exploded in the 90's. With their hit 'Bring The Noise', "Anthrax" reached new heights kicking open the door for such bands as "Rage Against The Machine", "Limp Bizkit", Kid Rock, and "Linkin Park".

Continually recording and touring through the 90's and into the new millennium, "Anthrax" has maintained the kind of career that only a handful of others can lay claim to as well. In 2009, the band celebrate its 25th anniversary of the release of its debut album 'Fistful Of Metal'.

In 2006, Ian starred in the VH1 reality series 'SuperGroup' with Ted Nugent, Sebastian Bach, Jason Bonham, and Evan Seinfeld. The show was a huge success and once again pushed the boundaries of Ian’s career to new heights. He is currently in the studio recording what will be the 10th studio album by "Anthrax" scheduled for year 2010.

Ian is also playing guitar in the group "Pearl" and did tours with "Velvet Revolver" and Meat Loaf. The debut album from "Pearl" was released on January, 2010.

Influences: Iron Maiden, KISS and Judas Priest

Axology: Jackson custom guitars, Washburn guitars, ESP Custom M-II, Fender Telecaster, DigiTech effects, Randall amplifiers and Marshall JCM 800 amplifiers

Signature song(s): Madhouse - Anthrax (Spreading the Disease, 1985) and I Am the Law - Anthrax (Among the Living, 1987)

Link(s): (Anthrax's official website)

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