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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pay Siburian (Slank/BIP)

Name: Parlin Burman Siburian
Born: 2nd May, 1970 (Pematang Siantar, Sumatera, Indonesia)

Profile: He is an Indonesia musician and lead guitarist, notably known for his guitar works in the legendary rock group "Slank". He was one of the few Indonesian guitarist featured in the album 'Gitar Klinik' and jam with Andy Timmons (Danger Danger) at the Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta.

History: Started to play guitar since year 4 at school, and determined to make music as his career. In his teenage years, he joined various of bands, but never had the opportunity to get a deal with any major recordings.

In the mid 80's, Pay was heavily influenced by Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai (at that time, Vai was still with David Lee Roth's band). With the help of these influenced, Pay started to play rock and heavy music.

In 1989, he joined "Slank", a rock group from Jakarta. Pay who at that time knew a few major producers, try his luck to sent the band's demos. Eventually, the band got a deal for an album and in 1990, "Slank" released their debut album 'Suit-Suit....Hehehe (Gadis Sexy)'. The album was a hit and received a lot of positive reviews, and the band was known as the new Indonesia Rock group, after "God Bless".

In 1996, after releasing 5 albums with "Slank", Pay quit the band. After four long years leaving "Slank", he formed a new rock band called "BIP", with other former "Slank" members (bassist Bongky and keyboardist Indra). With this new lineup (joined by drummer Jaka and vocalist Irang Perdana), "BIP" has released 4 albums, 'Turun dari Langit' - (2001), 'Min Plus' - (2002), 'The Best of .....' - (2003) and 'Udara Segar' - (2004).

Pay also collaborated with Ronald, vocalist Once (Dewa19) and the late vocalist Andy Liany to formed "Fargat 27". The band released their only album 'Seribu Angan'.

Influences: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Keith Richard (Rolling Stone), Michael Lee Firkins, Eddie Van Halen, Eet Sjahranie (EdanE) and Edy Kemput

Axology: Fender Telecaster, Jackson guitars, Ibanez guitars, Laney amplifiers and Marshall amplifiers

Signature song(s): Hey…Bung! - Slank (Generasi Biru, 1995) and Ke Rumah Kak Butet - Pay Siburian (Gitar Klinik)


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