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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Carter Lancaster

Name: Carter Lancaster
Born: mid 1950's (Ontario, Canada)

Profile: A versatile guitarist, performer and composer, he is one of those rare musicians whose expertise and virtuosity transcend issues of style. His unique musical vision has led him to master Jazz, Bluegrass and modern acoustic guitar styles, in a manner that allows each style to complement the others without sacrificing any of their respective nuances. A performer with over 30 years experience, and can be seen working as a solo artist, with jazz and folk duos, trios, or quartets, and occasionally with orchestras.

History: Lancaster was raised in a family who loved music, his father was a jazz pianist - and taught him the importance of understanding scales, chord theory, and harmony. Young Lancaster learned to read music at an early age. He started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 11 on a 'Saturn' acoustic guitar (at the time it cost him $12) which he still owns. He took private lessons for 5 years and gradually switched over to an Aria semi acoustic guitar.

By the time Lancaster was 13, he purchased a Gibson ES 335 which was his main guitar for years. He then formed his first band called "Velvet Fog", which covered mostly Jimi Hendrix songs. In his early 20's, he started playing more acoustic guitar and purchased a Martin M-36 acoustic guitar that he used for Bluegrass. It was at this period of time he started writing his own music.

Though Lancaster started by playing the guitar, he began studying the harp guitar (a rare vintage instrument with 6 treble and 5 or 6 contra-basses), after he heard a Stephan Bennett album. He was intrigued with the sounds from this amazing instrument and bought 2 Dyer Symphony Harp guitars that are about a hundred years old.

Lancaster was noticed in the music community after he performed one of his original compositions 'Widow Walk' at the Harp Guitar Gathering in Williamsburg, Virginia. But, he is probably known best for his fluid jazz electric chord-melody style and his standard and open tuning acoustic compositions, his ability to incorporate a variety of harmonic and 2-handed tapping techniques, while maintaining a strong melody line and percussive rhythm are sure to grab any listener’s attention.

In 2009, Lancaster released his second solo album called 'Case Closed'. The album is a compilation of original pieces performed solo on 6 string acoustic and Harp guitar. Currently, he is writing more music which he hopes to begin recording soon for his next album.

Influences: Joe Pass, Lenny Breau, Bruce Cockburn and Stephen Bennett

Axology: 2 Dyer Symphony Harp Guitars, Holloway Harp Guitar, Marc Beneteau Concert standard, Breedlove Performance Focus, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson ES-335, Martin M-36 guitar and Saturn acoustic guitar

Signature song(s): Blue - Carter Lancaster (Case Closed, 2009) and Widow Walk - Carter Lancaster (Case Closed, 2009)

Link(s): (Official website)

"When I listened to Carter’s CD, I became more and more annoyed as I realized that he had written some tunes that I should have. He must be stopped". - Stephen Bennett

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