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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Abdee Negara (Slank)

Name: Abdee Negara
Born: 28th Jun, 1968 (Danggala, Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Profile: He is an Indonesian guitarist, producer and sound engineer. He is notably known as the lead guitarist for the legendary rock band "Slank", after replacing Pay Siburian who left in 1996.

History: Abdee is a self taught guitar player. He started to play guitar in his early teens, and wanted to become a professional musician ever since. In the 80's, he moved from Kota Palu to Jakarta, to pursue his dreams. His first band was with Ecky Lamoh, Gideon Tengker and Henky Supit. After the band split, he became a session player for various artists, from Ermy Kulit to "Trio Kwek-Kwek".

In 1996, after guitarist Pay Siburian left "Slank", Abdee went on to audition for the legendary group. He was accepted for the post and in 1997, "Slank's" 7th studio album 'Tujuh' was Abdee's debut album with the band. The album gave new sound to the band due to Abdee's influences in blues and he even added some of his 'slide' trademarks.

From the start, when he joined "Slank", Abdee has contributed all his efforts on "Slank's" albums. Currently, he is the sound engineer and producer for the band. And he has released 7 albums altogther, from 'Tujuh' (1997), 'Mata Hati Reformasi' (1999), 'Ngangkang' (2000), 'Virus' (2001), 'Satu satu dan Bajakan' (2003) and to the latest album 'The Big Hip' {2008}.

With his tight schedules with "Slank", Abdee also collaborated and produced for other bands, such as "Seurius". He is also a clinician for the G Plus magazine and an endorser for Extreme guitars.

Influences: Keith Richard (Rolling Stones) and Ry Cooder

Axology: Fender Telecaster and Extreme guitars - mainly Telecaster model

Signature song(s): Ketinggalan Zaman - Slank (Mata Hati Reformasi, 1999)


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