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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Zim Zum (Marilyn Manson/Pleistoscene)

Name: Timothy Michael Linton
Born: 25th June, 1969 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Profile: He is an American multi platinum musician, songwriter and former guitarist for "Life, Sex & Death" and industrial metal band "Marilyn Manson", and was known as Zim Zum. His current projects are "Pleistoscene", a solo project, and "The Pop Culture Suicides".

History: Zim starts to play guitar at the age of 13. His love in guitars, made him worked as a guitar repairman in a local guitar manufacturer. In his early days, before joining "Marilyn Manson", Zim reportedly previously played guitar for the band "Life, Sex & Death".

After responding to an ad in The Chicago Reader for an audition, for replacing the original guitarist Daisy Berkowitz of "Marilyn Manson", he got the job and performed his first live show with the band at Nothing Records' A Night of Nothing showcase, opening for "Nine Inch Nails".

In 1998, the album, 'Mechanical Animals' was Zim's second major label writing and recording, charted at #1 on Billboards Top 200 in its first week of sales, which makes it the first "Marilyn Manson" album to do so. It has since gone on to earn the multi-platinum status. He wrote and recorded on 10 of the 14 tracks on the album. Soon after the album was released, Zim left the band to pursue a solo interests, this includes collaborations with other artists, such as; Cher and her son, Elijah Blue Allman, "Korn" and "Jane's Addictions".

In early 2000's, Zim left Hollywood behind and returned to Chicago, compelled to explore his musical vision in an art and music district. Treading upon uncharted mental ground, he completely isolated himself in his studio for more than a year, cutting off all ties to the outside world in an effort to guarantee the creation and production of his music completely unique in perspective and true to his own definitive musical statement. During that 'self-imposed exile' he spent 14 hours a day writing and recording over 100 songs.

In 2002, Zim formed his unique studio project band, called "Pleistoscene". It was considered to be ahead of it's time for releasing 2 songs as free digital downloads before this was common practice. These downloads attracted over 500,000 hits in the first month it debuted. Even today, he talks about "Pleistoscene" as his 'own orchestra' and states that its still fully functional.

In 2005, Zim brought his main musical project, "The Pop Culture Suicides" to life. The band started releasing 4 songs through their official MySpace profile and have since released many more. And in 2009, he finished recording the band's conceptual double album that will be broken into and released as 4 EP's.

Influences: Unknown

Axology: Gibson Les Paul Custom, Gibson SG, Fernandes guitars, 1976 Fender Stratocaster, 1976 Fender Tele-Deluxe, Fender Barritone guitar, Roland 707 Synth guitar, Washburn P4 guitar, Framus Cobra amplifiers and Marshall 1960B 4x12 cabinets

Signature song(s): Fundamentally Loathsome - Marilyn Manson (Mechanical Animals, 1998)

Link(s): (Official website)

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