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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Roy Clark (Million Dollar Band)

Name: Roy Linwood Clark
Born: 15th April, 1933 (Meherrin, Virginia, USA)

Profile: He is an American country music musician and performer. He is best known for hosting Hee Haw, a nationally televised country variety show, from 1969 to 1992. He is an entertainer most of all, with an amiable personality and a telegenic presence. He is highly regarded as both a guitarist and banjo player, and is also skilled in classical guitar as well as playing several other instruments.

History: At the age of 14, Young Clark began playing banjo, guitar, and mandolin. He won two National Banjo Championships by the age of 15. He was simultaneously pursuing a sporting career, first as a baseball player, and then as a boxer, before switching over to music full time. At the age of 17, he had his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. By the time he was 15 he had already won the world banjo/guitar flatpick championship twice.

By 1955, he was a regular on Jimmy Dean's Washington, DC television program, where Clark played on Dean's band, the "Texas Wildcats". In 1960, Clark went out to Las Vegas where he worked as guitarist in a band led by former West Coast Western Swing bandleader-comedian Hank Penny. During the 60's, he was also prominent in the backing band for Wanda Jackson during the latter part of her rockabilly period.

When Dean was tapped to host The Tonight Show in the early 60's, he asked Clark to appear, introducing him to a national audience for the first time. Subsequently, Clark appeared on The Beverly Hillbillies as a recurring character. Once, on an episode of the Sunday evening Jackie Gleason Show dedicated to country music, Clark played a blistering rendition of 'Down Home'. Later, he even appeared on an episode of The Odd Couple where he played 'MalagueƱa'.

In 1963, Clark signed to Capitol Records and had three top 10 hits. He switched to Dot Records and again scored hits. He later recorded for ABC Records, which had acquired Dot, and MCA Records, which absorbed the ABC label. In 1969, Clark and Buck Owens were the hosts of Hee Haw. The show was dropped by CBS Television in 1971 but continued to run in syndication for 20 more years. During its tenure, Clark was a member of the "Million Dollar Band".

In 1983, Clark opened the Roy Clark Celebrity Theatre in Branson, Missouri, becoming the first country music star to have his own venue there, and beginning a trend which led to Branson becoming a center of live music performance, as it is today. Many of the celebrities who have played in Branson first entertained at the Roy Clark Celebrity Theatre. Clark frequently played in Branson during the 80's and 90's. He has since sold the venue and gone back to a fairly light touring schedule, which usually includes a performance with Ramona Jones and the Jones Family Band at their annual tribute to Clark's old Hee Haw co-star Grandpa Jones in Mountain View, Arkansas.

In addition to his musical skill, Clark has often displayed his talents as a comedian and actor. During his years on Hee Haw, Clark entertained with numerous comedy sketches, including a recurring feature where he played the clerk of the 'Empty Arms Hotel'. Clark released several albums of his comedic performances, to varying critical acclaim and commercial success.

Influences: Unknown

Axology: Mosrite guitars, Gretsch guitars and Heritage guitars - Roy Clark model

Signature song(s): Yesterday, When I Was Young - Roy Clark

Link(s): (Official website)

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