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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Shah (Exists/Slam)

Name: Shah Nizam Abdul Halim
Born: Unknown (Kg. Bakar Batu, Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Profile: He is a Malaysian multi-talented musician, composer, producer, singer and an actor. He is notably known for his works as a guitarist in most of Malaysian top and legendary bands such as "Exists", "Search" and he was the founder of "Slam".

History: He started to play guitar in his early teens, and while still in high-school, Shah joined the 'all-teens band', "Exists" in 1990. This band was the starting point for his career as a professional guitarist. The band was a successful hits in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, with the single 'Oh! Ibu'.

After "Exists" second album, Shah left the band and met up with guitarist Ajak, bassist Lili and drummer Man, together they planned to form a new band, with the help of legendary composer Saari Amri. Zamani (vocalist) was the last to joined them, and by 1993, "Slam" was officially formed.

In the mid 90's, Shah and "Slam" released hits songs such as 'Tak Mungkin Berpaling', 'Mentari Muncul Lagi' and 'Gerimis Mengundang'. After Zamani left the band in the late 90's, Shah was already one of the high in-demand sessionist, he even produced "Slam" last album, 'Selamanya...' with 80% of the songs was composed and written by him.

In 1999, Shah joined Malaysian favorite rock band, "Search", after replacing the band's long time guitarist Kid (Search). With the band, Shah as the lead guitarist only collaborated in one album, 'Selepas Banjir'. He left the band in 2000, and tried to reunite back with "Slam" as a singer and guitarist.

Currently, Shah still works in the music industry as a session guitarist and producer. He even produced the Indie band "Sunday" back in 2003 and have worked with various artist for live performances and albums.

Influences: Joe Satriani

Axology: Fender Stratocaster

Signature song(s): Mentari Muncul Lagi (Unplugged) - Slam (Konsert Unplugged, 1997) and Kejoraku Bersatu - Search (Selepas Banjir, 1999)


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