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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Don Alder (Spinal Chord)

Name: Don Alder
Born: 1956 (Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada)

Profile: He is a Canadian acoustic fingerstyle guitarist with a passion that has quickly earned him a reputation as Vancouver's 'best kept little secret'. Alder is a world-class fingerstyle guitarist that has let to multiple endorsement deals with major manufacturers and a collaboration with Greenfield guitars to produce a signature acoustic guitar- the "Don Alder G4" model.

History: At the age of 14, young Alder was ill for few months which kept him out of school. His mother gave him his first guitar to help him stayed at home and rest, he learned the intro of 'Satisfaction' and then put the guitar to rest.

At some point, when Alder saw the movie 'Woodstock' he was totally blown away by Alvin Lee and the very cool instrumental piece played by Jimi Hendrix at the end of the movie. He then began playing electric guitar (a Simpson Sears electric deluxe) for some time until he met a guy that knew how to fingerpick, and taught him the basics. His first gig was at school with a loud band called "Arsus Myth".

In 1985, Alder put his music career on hold to assist his lifelong friend, Rick Hansen, with his quest to create awareness for the potential of people with disabilities and to generate funds for spinal cord research. The World Tour, inspired millions of people throughout the 34 countries visited and raised 26 million dollars. Today, Alder still works with Rick in a vital role at the Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation, and says he got involved with the Foundation to 'help make a difference' in improving the quality of life of others and now continues to do so with his music.

In the early 90's, Alder was mostly playing guitar as a hobby and was heavily involved in Wheelchair Sports. The World Tour developed Alder's wheelchair tech skills which he continued to hone post Tour. This evolved to the point where he was chosen to represent Canada as the Equipment Manager/Wheelchair Tech for the Canadian Paralympic Team in Atlanta in 1996 and Sydney Australia, 2000. During that time he met Sam Sullivan and Dave Symington, both quadriplegics from accidents. Sam and Dave both musicians, founded the Vancouver Adapted Music Society. Alder became the guitarist for the society's, performance band "Spinal Chord". They released a CD title 'Why Be Normal' which received national airplay, and released the video 'Mary'.

Alder has won various awards in first place such as; International Fingerstyle Championships Winfield, Kansas (2007), Vancouver Folk Slam (2004), Vancouver Guitar Show "Shred Contest" (2004) and Best 30-second Guitar Solo Contest - (2005) and many more.

Today, Alder continues to play to Canadian, American, European, and Asian audiences, sharing stages with Grand Master Acousticians such as Peter Finger, Jacques Stotzem, Bob Evans, Andy Mckee, and Masa Sumide, John Parr, Ellen McElwaine, Cassius Khan. He has also performed at festivals as a headliner which included artists such as Don Ross, Pierre Bensusan, Del Vazeau, Ric Emmet, Dave Martone.

Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Alvin Lee, Brian May (Queen), Wishbone Ash, Bruce Cockburn, Frank Zappa, Uriah Heep and "Black Sabbath"

Axology: Greenfield Don Alder - G4 signature model, Custom Warmoth Strat, Music Man Albert Lee model, Godin guitar, Fender Stratocaster 1979 and Yamaha guitars

Signature song(s): A Little Charm - Don Alder (Don Alder - Cool Compilation)

Link(s): (Official website)

"Alder can make a single instrument sound like a 4 piece band. The Guy's like the acoustic Hendrix" - Picque News Magazine


edwin said...

He's the real amazing talent! I was lucky to meet him after his winning on Guitar Idol III a couple weeks ago. And he's so kind to let me did an interview. Check it here for more... Thanks.. :)

RizMum said...

Thanks for the link Edwin, sorry for the delay, been really busy with studies :'( anyway have a nice day, and I do enjoy seeing your blog too, you rock!!!!!